(Mankato, MN) – Mankato Clinic has opened its doors to patients in a bright new facility.

The new North Mankato Family Medicine building is in the same location as the previous clinic at 1575 Lookout Drive.

The North Mankato facility was in need of multiple updates and more space to meet the needs of patients.  The new building is 27,000 square-feet – three times the size of the current facility and designed for further growth and expansion.

The exam rooms are larger and can better accommodate patients who bring family members to appointments.  The new rooms also support team-based care so nurses are able to join the provider in the room.  All new-state-of-the-art equipment has also been installed.

Provider Dan Anderson said the space at the new facility makes a huge difference.  Anderson said everything from the patient exam rooms, lobby, and employee lunches are improved by the increased space. “Just good for patients,” he said.  “People with disabilities can get into the rooms easier.  If I’m taking care of an older patient – which I have a lot of older patients – there’s maybe two, three, four family members that want to be in on it.  Now we can accommodate it.”

North Mankato Family Medicine currently has six providers.  New patients are welcome.

The final phase of construction is to remove the old building and complete the parking lot by mid-July.

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