(Mankato, MN) – Snowplows were out earlier in the week, but it’s time to take a step back to falling leaves.

Leaf vacuuming services are scheduled to start Monday in Mankato, running through November 20.  Leaves will be vacuumed on the day after garbage pickup, or on Monday’s for residents with Friday garbage pickup.

To participate in leaf pickup:

  • Place leaves in the street in windrows along the curb (no piles).
  • Keep brush, sticks, and branches out of the leaf rows; these items can damage the leaf vacuum and slow down the process.
  • Park off-street on the day after recycling and garbage pickup so the leaf vacuum machine can easily get through the neighborhood.
  • Residents with corner lots are asked to pull leaves from the street corner, as the vacuum machine does not navigate corners well.

After vacuuming, the leaves are chopped and compacted, then recycled as mulch.  Although weather determines the schedule, leaf pick-up generally begins when the majority of leaves are on the ground, and runs for approximately four weeks.

For more information, call 311.