Mankato man accused of firing gun in city

A  man is accused of firing a gun within Mankato city limits.

Ronniel Aron Johnson, 22, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony counts of reckless discharge of a dangerous weapon within a municipality and carrying or possessing a pistol without a permit.

A criminal complaint says police were called to 1801 Monks Ave on the evening of Jan 21 for a report of a single gunshot.

Three witnesses told police they saw a shirtless man with short black hair walking away from a black vehicle as he held what appeared to be a handgun.

Officers found a spent 9mm casing near the black car, according to the complaint.  The vehicle was registered to Johnson, whom police said had previously applied for a permit to purchase, but did not have a permit to carry.

The complaint says Johnson opened his door, shirtless, several minutes after officers knocked.  Johnson told police his firearm was secured, according to the complaint.  He denied discharging or carrying the weapon, according to the complaint.

Police say Johnson gave consent for officers to look at his firearm and ammunition. The 9mm handgun was loaded and the ammunition matched the spent casing found outside, according to the complaint.

Court documents say Johnson later approached officers outside later, while witnesses watched from the window.  The witnesses later identified Johnson as the shooter, according to the complaint.

A fourth witness told police she had seen the shooter, who was shirtless.  She told police she had watched the suspect go to the black car and fire a handgun.  He then grabbed something out of the car and walked back to the building where Johnson lived, according to the witness account.

Johnson is also charged with discharge of firearms or explosives, a misdemeanor. He’s been summoned to appear in court.


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