Mankato man accused of sexual abuse

A Mankato man is facing allegations that he abused two girls who were in his care.

Anthony Paris Wilson, 25, was charged in Blue Earth County Court Friday with two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct with victims under age 13.

Wilson allegedly groped the girls’ genitals and breasts with his hands and attempted to take off their clothing while he was babysitting, according to the complaint.

One of the girls told investigators she didn’t know how many times the abuse had happened.

A witness also reported finding a hickey on the neck of one of the girls.  The incident was reported to the Fairmont Police Department, according to the complaint.

Wilson was charged earlier this month with contributing to a need for child protection after he allegedly hid a 13-year-old runaway from police.  The victims’ father in the sexual abuse case reported the abuse days after those charges were filed.

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