Mankato man charged with felony stalking

A man is accused of repeatedly contacting and threatening his ex, who has a restraining order against him.

Brandon Robert Walters, 47, was charged  Monday with felony counts of stalking and threats of violence in Blue Earth County Court.

A criminal complaint says Walters used various “spoof” phone numbers to electronically contact the victim.  Investigators say the messages included threats and private details that only the victim and Walters would know about.

The complaint says the woman had to change phone numbers because Walters’ communications were frequent and becoming increasingly violent, but Walters began emailing her.  The victim later reported to police that Walters had again begun sending texts and calling her on the phone using his own number.

Walters is also accused of sending threats to the victim and her boyfriend via her friend, including messages that read: “You should let [victim] know her bf is a dead man my brothers,” “if he does not leave Mankato he will be hospitalized guaranteed,” and “I love [victim].”

Walters is accused of sending at least 20 sexual images of himself and the victim in some of his communication.  The victim was not aware some of the photographs existed.

The criminal complaint says the victim believes Walters is watching her home because he knew she had a headlight out on her car.

Walters allegedly admitted to police that he had sent messages to the victim, but denied sending her any nude photos.  The complaint says he admitted to being aware of the restraining order, which was served to him on November 16, 2022.




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