Mankato, North Mankato crews working on cleanup after storm

City crews in Mankato and North Mankato are working to clean up damages from a powerful storm that traveled through the area Thursday night.

Mankato Assistant City Engineer Michael McCarty said crews were focused Friday morning on damages in the Tourtellotte Park and Hilltop areas, and on the north end of town.

KEYC Meteorologist Caitlyn Lorr reported the storm produced half-dollar-sized hail and 60-plus mile-per-hour winds.  About two-thirds of an inch of much-needed rain also fell.

McCarty says crews have seen tree limbs in the street and tree damage,  He said workers were concentrating on clearing roadways, sidewalks, and trails, and coordinating with public safety to block off roads with downed power lines.

McCarty says residents who find downed power lines or limbs should stay clear and notify the city.

Residential cleanup will be from 7 a.m. Monday through Wednesday, August 2.  The city asks residents to place branches for removal behind the curb.


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