Mankato one of the most-cited cities during extra seat belt enforcement campaign

(Mankato) – Mankato was one of the top-ticketed cities during the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s extra enforcement campaign for buckling up.

DPS says law enforcement across the state reported 4,610 seat belt citations, and 140 child seat violations during the extra enforcement period, which ran from September 17-September 29.

About 105 Mankato drivers were cited for not using their seat belts.  That’s neck-in-neck with a comparable city like Rochester, and over twice than the reported 45 tickets handed out by St. Cloud police.

According to DPS, one Minnesota driver was stopped during the campaign for his tenth seat belt violation, his fifth in one year.  Another driver who was pulled over for texting admitted he was using his phone to pay off a seat belt ticket he’d received a few weeks prior.

The number of severe injuries suffered in traffic crashes in 2017 was 1,215, a vast improvement from the 4,176 reported in 1987.  Minnesota passed its first seat belt law in 1986.

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