Mankato Police have received more than 30 identity theft complaints since late May

(Mankato, MN) – Mankato Public Safety is encouraging the public to monitor their financial accounts after receiving multiple reports of fraud.

According to a press release, police have received more than 30 complaints of identity theft related to unemployment benefits since May 29. “Unknown suspects are accessing private information and applying for benefits through the State of Minnesota,” says the release.

Police say a statewide investigation is underway.

Mankato Public Safety Commander Chris Baukol says victims are becoming aware of the fraud, because they’re being notified by the state unemployment office that they applied for benefits, when they clearly didn’t, or their employers are notified them that someone has taken out a claim in the employee’s name.  Baukol says victims should make reports with their local police department for future documentation.

Police say the public should also closely monitor their financial accounts, and file a report with the Federal Trade Commission if there is any incident of identity theft.

Baukol said police initially believed that the issue could have been with a single employer, but quickly realized it expanded far beyond that.

A report should be filed with the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance online if someone is applying for unemployment benefits in your name from the state, and you should call 911, according to police.

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