Mankato Public Safety adds Vitals app service

Mankato Public Safety has partnered with Vitals Aware Services,  a subscription-based app designed to help first responders properly interact with vulnerable adults.

The Vitals app allows vulnerable adults or their caregivers to create personalized profiles with medical information, behavior triggers, and critical needs.

When a person wearing a Vitals Bluetooth device comes within 80-feet of a first responder, that responder will be notified through a smartphone about that person’s needs and how to best interact with them.  Profiles are shared in real-time – and only temporarily – with police, first responders, and 911 dispatchers.

Director of Public Safety Amy Vokal says police can be more effective in their response when they get more information up front.  “The app will provide first responders another resource to help interact with individuals who need assistance when communicating their unique needs,” Vokal said.