Mankato standoff ends peacefully after nearly 2 days

A stand-off that lasted nearly two full days in Mankato has been peacefully resolved. 

Police say 29-year-old Walter Brown and his 2-year-old son Koran Brown were taken to a hospital for an evaluation. The standoff in Mankato’s Hilltop area, began just before 5 p.m. Tuesday when police attempted to arrest Walter Brown, who allegedly fled and fired a gun at the pursuing officer.  

Brown was accused of abducting his son last month after an argument with the child’s mother.  He and the child were reported missing in late March. He did not have legal custody of the boy, and there was a no-contact order between him and the mother. 

Brown was booked Thursday night in the Blue Earth County Jail on potential charges of 1st-degree assault.  He also has a pending case for a 2nd-degree assault charge from August 2022. 

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