Mankato woman accused of stealing roommate’s identity

(Mankato, MN) – A Mankato woman has been criminally charged after she apparently called police to turn herself in for identity theft.

Police say Lilly Marie Fowler, 31, confessed to sneaking in to her roommate’s bedroom and stealing his wallet. Fowler used the victim’s social security card, driver’s license, and debit card to apply for two loans1: for $525 and $10,000, according to a criminal complaint filed in Blue Earth County Court.

Court documents say the victim wasn’t aware that the Fowler had applied for two loans in his name until police notified him.  The complaint says the victim discovered a $525 deposit in his account, a $400 transfer from his account, and three purchase transactions he had not made.

Police say Fowler admitted to transferring the $400 to another person, someone she is prohibited contact with under a domestic abuse no contact order.  The person confirmed that he had received the $400.

Court documents say the victim later contacted police saying that Fowler had asked him to tell investigators that the roommates had a consensual agreement, which the victim denied was true.

Fowler is charged with felony identity theft, and misdemeanor charges of financial transaction card fraud and domestic abuse.


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