Mayo Clinic rolls out virtual care in nursing homes
Injectable medications. Injectable medications in sealed vials and a disposable plastic medical syringe.

(Mankato, MN) – Mayo Clinic Health System is now offering virtual health visits to vulnerable patients to keep them connected to care during the pandemic.

MCHS has provided digital tablets to 17 southwest Minnesota nursing homes.  With a few clicks, nursing home patients can be connected to providers who can answer health questions and address concerns.

“Many of our nursing home patients are the most vulnerable, and they’re in an age group that is associated with higher risks for complications and death from COVID-19,” said Dr. Susan Laabs, the regional medical director for Senior Services at MCHS.  Laabs says that because patients in nursing homes can’t receive visitors, and can’t leave their facilities for care, video visits allow providers to meet with patients.

Interest in telehealth has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic, but its something MCHS has been developing since long before the crisis.

Patients can also receive care through eConsults, a secure, medical version of texting.  Tele-emergency video visits are also in place, and provide emergency care to patients in rural settings when specialist can’t psychically be present.




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