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Minnesota lawmakers consider loosening state’s liquor laws

Kyle Marti, Vice President of Operations at Schell's Brewery speaks to lawmakers from the Schell's taproom. Jan 22, 2020

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota lawmakers are considering lifting a cap on growler sales and letting local distilleries sell normal-sized bottles of their spirits direct to drinkers.

The bill slated for debate in the House on Wednesday would further chip away at a system that long prevented direct sales to consumers.

The bill was written to benefit the state’s five largest breweries: Summit in St. Paul, August Schell in New Ulm, Surly and Fulton in Minneapolis, and Castle Danger in Two Harbors. They’ve all grown to the point where they can no longer sell half-gallon jugs known as growlers from their taprooms.


Minnesota brewery alliance aims to lift antiquated growler sale cap

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