New Ulm DNR Report: Duck hunters found mink living in cabin outhouse tank

(New Ulm, MN) – Nature can be unpredictable, but a report from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shows that our wildlife friends can also delight and puzzle us with their antics.

In his weekly report, New Ulm DNR Conservation Officer Thor Nelson says a live mink was found in the outhouse tank of some duck-hunting cabin owners that he visited.

Here’s the report from Nelson:

“[The cabin owners] were able to place a board into the tank to make a ramp for the mink. It escaped with no further drama. The owners were happy to have looked before taking a seat!”

The mink is the most common water mammal predator in Minnesota, according to the DNR.  Mink are found in nearly every wetland, lake, and creek in the state, even those in cities.  Mink can swim and dive with ease and live underwater for many minutes, the DNR says.

The mink’s fur is highly prized for luxury clothing articles because of its soft, thick, silky pelt.

For more about the mink, see the DNR website.



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