North Mankato reminds residents of city code for dogs

The city of North Mankato is reminding residents of its city code regarding dogs.

Benson, Bluff, and Spring Lake Parks are the only parks in North Mankato that allow dogs, which must be leased at all times.  These parks are equipped with dog stations that have bags for picking up dog waste.

More information on the city code:

  • It is unlawful to keep a dog within the City without first obtaining a license. A license
    must be obtained for all dogs over 6 months old.• A collar tag must be worn at all times when the dog is off the owner’s private property.

    • Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and under the owner’s control when off the
    owner’s property.

    • It is unlawful to permit dogs to run at large at any time day or night.

    • It is unlawful for any owner of a dog to permit such dog to disturb the peace and quiet of
    the neighborhood by barking, howling or whining.

    • It is unlawful to allow dogs in City parks even when on a leash. However; there are the
    following exceptions to this rule:

    • o Dogs are permitted on a leash in Benson Park on Carlson Drive, in Bluff Park on
      Mary Circle and in Spring Lake Park. These parks are equipped with bag stations
      for cleaning up after the pet.
      o Kiwanis Park on Highway 169 North has a fenced area for dogs and is available
      to the general public.

A fine of $40 could be assessed for a dog that is off-leash, while not picking up dog waste could result in a $100 fine.


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