NWS: Many 90 degree days ahead

The heat of June seemed almost like a distant memory after a stretch of rainy days earlier this month, but the 90’s are back.

“Many 90 degree days ahead,” the National Weather Service announced Monday.

That appears to be accurate for the Mankato area, with temperatures expected to hit 90 on Thursday, then creep up even further on Friday, with a high of 96.  Low 90’s are on tap for Saturday through Monday.  Tuesday is expected to be the scorcher, with high-90’s predicted.  Relief is likely to come in the form of high-80’s mid to late week.

Our swampy Minnesota humidity will also make an appearance.  KEYC Chief Meteorologist Mark Tarello says there will be “a good deal” of it to accompany the high heat.

Rain chances in the upcoming week will be “meager,” reports NWS.  “The drought will therefore worsen as we close out July.”


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