Colorful fall leaves still cling to the trees, but southern Minnesotans are walking in a winter wonderland after a light weekend October snowfall.

Forecasters initially predicted up to 5 inches of autumn snow between Saturday night and Sunday morning, but that estimate later dropped to a total of two inches for the Mankato area.  Areas south of Mankato saw larger accumulations.  It’s the second snow event southern Minnesota has experienced in Oct 2020.

Here are the totals reported by local meteorologist Mark Tarello of KEYC News Now:

Fairmont: 5.5 inches
Mankato: 2.5 inches
New Ulm: 1.5 inches
Springfield: 1.5 inches

❄ MINNESOTA SNOWFALL REPORTS: Fairmont: 5.5" | Mankato: 2.5" | New Ulm: 1.5" | Springfield: 1.5" | Marshall: 1" | Any…

Posted by Mark Tarello on Sunday, October 25, 2020

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