(Olivia, MN) – An Olivia woman has been sentenced to jail time for failing to report abuse at her daycare facility.

In an Alford plea agreement signed in July, 45-year-old Peggy Uhlenkamp pleaded guilty to a charge of a Mandated Reporter Failing to Report Abuse charge.  Three counts of child neglect charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.  An Alford Plea means that a defendant doesn’t admit guilt, but admits there is enough evidence to convict her.

Judge Dwayne Knutsen sentenced Uhlenkamp Tuesday to 120 days in jail, with 60 days to be served and 60 days in the sentence-to-serve program. She was placed on two years probation, and given $590 in fines and court costs. Uhlenkamp was ordered not to have an contact with her victims, and to pay restitution to be determined later.

Uhlenkamp ran the Rhyme and Reason daycare facility in her Olivia home, but earlier this year they were shut down after it was alleged Uhlenkamp’s 17-year-old son Trent had sexually molested three girls under her care. Court records say Uhlenkamp knew of the abuse but did not report it.

Her son, Trent Uhlenkamp, was found mentally incompetent to defend himself on sexual misconduct charges. Renville County Human Services has been ordered to propose options for the boy, either with Child Protective Services or a possible civil commitment.

Source: KLGR

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