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‘Pastor Mike’ charged with sex crimes in Faribault County

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A Winnebago man accused last month of molesting one of his parishioners in Fairmont is facing new charges in Faribault County.

Alduzin Miguel Vazquez, who calls himself Pastor Mike, although he is not licensed, was charged with felony 4th-degree criminal sex conduct by clergy.

According to a criminal complaint, Vazquez was preaching at home in Winnebago during the COVID-19 pandemic instead of his usual Fairmont location.  During a service and luncheon at the home, Vazquez allegedly offered to pray for the victim when she began feeling ill.

Instead, court documents stay he led the woman to the upstairs of the home where he placed his hands on her stomach as he began to “pray” for her, then moved his hand down towards her pelvic region.

He removed his hands from underneath the victim’s underwear and skirt when his wife came in the room, court documents allege.

Vazquez was charged in Martin County in July after a woman reported he had fondled her breast in January 2021 in Fairmont.  In that case, the woman said Vazquez told her he was healing her breast cyst.

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