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Pizza, booze & snacks among items stolen by bar burglar, say charges

Nayeli Garcia mugshot, Nicollet County Jail

A burglar who caused damages when she broke into a North Mankato bar stole food and drink, according to court documents.

Nayeli Garcia, 18, was charged in Nicollet County Court with felony counts of third-degree burglary and first-degree damage to property.

A criminal complaint says Garcia was captured on a surveillance camera breaking a window and climbing inside the Circle Inn Bar.  Once inside, Garcia plugged her cell phone into a charger and spoke into her phone, say the charges.

The criminal complaint says Garcia stole frozen pizzas, several bags of chips, chocolates, a meat and cheese box, energy drinks, and various bottles of alcohol.  A backpack and shirt were also stolen, according to the complaint.

The total value of goods stolen was less than $300, while damages to the bar were estimated at nearly $1,700.

Garica was identified as a suspect after police were notified she had posted a video on social media in which she appeared to be scratched and bleeding.  The witness believed Garcia had broken into a liquor store.

Surveillance video showed the burglary suspect was wearing black, with skater-style shoes, calf-length socks, basketball-style shorts, and a hooded jacket with a logo, clothing that police say matched the outfit Garcia wore in a video posted to social media. The video also depicted Garcia sporting a large bandage on her leg, says the complaint.

Police say blood evidence was present at the scene, along with shoe prints inside and outside the bar, as well as palm and fingerprints.

Garcia told police she had consumed the missing pizza and alcohol, according to the complaint.

Garcia is currently in custody in the Nicollet County Jail.

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