A Granada man accused of locking his wife in a shed and physically assaulting her has been sentenced to probation.

Jared Paul Cartwright, 38, agreed to plead guilty to a fifth-degree controlled substance crime, while charges of kidnapping and domestic assault were dropped as part of a plea deal. He was sentenced to two years of supervised probation.

District Court Judge Troy Timmerman also ordered Cartwright to attend domestic abuse counseling and abstain from drugs and alcohol.  Cartwright must also pay $835 in court fees and fines.

A criminal complaint says Cartwright was becoming increasingly paranoid last March about an affair he believed his wife was happening.  He allegedly took her phone, car keys, and attempted to get into her work laptop to see who she was messaging, says the complaint.

Court documents say Cartwright took his wife into a shed on the property of their Huntley home one evening, stripped her naked, physically assaulted her, and refused to let her leave the shed.  Court documents say the assault left the woman with bruising all over her body.

Cartwright’s father rescued the victim from the shed the following morning after searching the property for the couple.

Cartwright refused to speak to detectives about the incident and appeared to be under the influence during the interview.  A search warrant unearthed drug paraphernalia and nearly three grams of methamphetamines in his home, according to the complaint.


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