Probation for mother of toddler who fell out of moving vehicle

The mother of a toddler who fell out of a moving vehicle near the downtown Hy-Vee while strapped in a car seat was sentenced Wednesday to one year of probation. 

Maimuna Kunow Hassan, 42, pled guilty to charges of careless driving and a child restraint infraction as part of a plea agreement in Blue Earth County Court.

The January 2019 incident garnered national attention after a motorist behind Hassan captured dashcam video of the incident and posted it online. Hassan drove away from the scene, and returned on foot with another child a short time later.

The baby wasn’t hurt in the incident, but police learned that Hassan didn’t have a driver’s license and was driving under an instructional permit without a licensed adult accompanying her in the vehicle.

Police also discovered that the child restraint seat had not been secured to the vehicle seat and the chest straps on the car seat was were not latched.

As part of her probation conditions, Hassan must not receive any traffic violations.  Judge Mark Betters also ordered Hassan to take parenting and child restraint classes.

A 90-day jail sentence was stayed pending successful completion of probation.


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