Right-wing activist Charlie Kirk coming to Mankato

Right-wing activist Charlie Kirk will make an appearance in Mankato this fall.

The controversial Turning Point USA founder is bringing his Exposing Critical Racism Tour to the Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center on Tuesday, October 5th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Critical race theory is an intellectual movement based on the premise that race is culturally invented and is used to oppress people of color.  Critical race theorists believe that the United State’s legal framework is inherently racist.

A description of the event invites attendees to “Come hear Charlie Kirk fight racist theories on America’s college campuses!!”

The TPUSA website says the tour is stopping at Minnesota State University Mankato, but a college spokesperson tells SMN that MSU is not affiliated with the event.  Rather, it was organized by a student chapter of Turning Point USA, according to the spokesperson.

The event, which is free, requires registration.  Here’s a promotional video for the tour from TPUSA’s website:

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