Schell’s Brewery surprises thirsty seniors with beer delivery

(New Ulm, MN) – A senior care facility in New Ulm was hit with a random act of kindness as COVID-19 worries keep elderly residents under careful watch.

Yvonne Schell, Executive Director of Residents at Orchard Hill Assisted Living, told SMN she received a surprise phone call stating that a pair six-packs had been dropped off at the door for residents to enjoy.

Schell (no relation to the brewery) said all the beer drinkers were German, and consequently didn’t leave a single bottle untouched.  “We’re very thankful; it brought all smiles to our faces,” Schell said.  She said the residents enjoyed a game of poker with their beers.

Kyle Marti, a sixth-generation descendent of Schell’s Brewery founder August Schell, said there are many elderly people in assisted living homes who are beer drinkers.

The idea to drop off the beer came after a 100-year-old Orchard Hill resident sent a photo to the brewery.

“Works out twice a day, gets his 10,000 steps in, really needing his beer to keep him going,” said Marti.  “Seeing that and trying to help people through this crisis in whatever way we know how, we thought it was a great opportunity to reach out and take care of the people who have been taking care of us for 160 years.”

So what Schell’s flavor did the lucky residents get?  “We gave them our brand new Cream Ale,” said Marti.  “We figured they deserved to have the latest and greatest.”



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