(New Ulm, MN) – A Sleepy Eye man faces felony charges after an informant assisted a drug task force to arrange a transaction with him.

Lucas Arthur Zinniel, 25, was charged with felony counts of 2nd and 3rd degree drug sales in Brown County Court.

According to the criminal complaint, an informant contacted the Brown-Lyon-Redwood-Renville County Drugs Task Force in November and informed them he would be able to purchase an eight ball of meth from Zinniel.

The informant showed police messages from Zinniel, which left instructions for the transaction.  Zinniel had left the meth in his Jeep at the Walmart parking lot.  The informant was told to leave the money in the vehicle and lock the doors after picking up the meth, according to the complaint.

The informant gave agents a small bag containing four grams of what later test positive for meth, according to the complaint.

In December, the informant contacted agent again and another controlled buy was arranged to take place in a garage at a Sleepy Eye home.  Zinniel sold the informant seven grams of meth, according to the complaint.

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