So Minn Spring: Extended winter to summer-like swelter in a snap
hot day summer concept closeup thermometer with warm color tone

Spring 2022 has been more like an extension of winter.

Southern Minnesota has contended with lower-than-average temperatures, roaring winds, and cold rains.  If you’re weary from gray, gloomy days, take heart.  Summer temps arrive next week.

Forecasters expect “very warm and humid temperatures,” according to the National Weather Service.  Temps in the 70’s and 80’s look certain, but even some low 90’s could happen with the right conditions.  In fact, NWS says some of the record highs next week – which are in the 80’s and 90’s – could be in jeopardy.

Besides the impending heat and humidity, showers and thunderstorms are also in next week’s forecast.  NWS says some of those storms could be severe.  The Mankato area has a slight chance of rain Thursday through Saturday, with more certainty of storms on Sunday and Monday.

It appears there will be no spring temperature transition for southern Minnesotans this year.  Time to turn down the heat and fire up the AC…all in the course of a week.


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