Someone dropped a giant log in Minnesota Lake

Someone dropped a giant log at a prominent intersection in Minnesota Lake Friday afternoon, but police believe they’ve found their culprit.

“Has anyone lost their pet log?”

Minnesota Lake Police posed that question in a social media post with an image of the offending hunk of trunk.  Police said the log was blocking Main St and Highway 22.

“After many intense minutes of negotiations it refuses to move and I am stumped,” the post quips.  “If this is your log, it will be cold and rainy all night and I am sure it wants to go home.”

Police later updated the post to say the log owner had been located and a reunion would follow.

We’ll go out on a limb for this story and speculate that the owner did not have this log on a leash. But…we can hardly find fault, as the log appears quite docile and doesn’t seem to bark.

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