Special deer hunt at Minneopa State Park

A special deer hunt will take place at Minneopa State Park this month.

The hunt is scheduled for Saturday, November 20 & Sunday, November 21st.

The hunt is intended to prevent overpopulation of deer and to protect resources, according to a press release from Minneopa State Park Supervisor Craig Beckman.

During the hunt, Minneopa will have limited public access.  The bison range, hiking trails, and campground area will be closed to non-hunters, but visitors will be able to access the area immediately around Minneopa Falls.  Visitors should wear blaze orange or brightly colored clothing if they will be in the park while the hunt is in progress, said Beckman.  They should also check for hunt-related information on the park website and at the park office when they arrive.

Hunts will also take place at other Minnesota state parks and recreation areas this fall, with access varying by location.

“Too many of one animal or plant species in an area can start to throw off the balance of other species in that area,” said Tavis Westbrook, a natural resource program coordinator with the DNR’s Division of Parks and Trails.  “When there are too many deer in a park, they feed too much on certain trees and native plants, so occasionally we allow deer hunts as a way to protect natural resources.”



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