St. Peter’s Alumacraft laying off 68 employees

St. Peter-based Alumacraft has laid off 68 employees.

The company filed a WARN notice with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development informing the state of the permanent layoffs at its Julien St facility.

DEED said it is working with Alumacraft to determine the exact date the layoffs take effect.  The employees were notified Thursday, the same day the notice was filed.

None of the employees were represented by a union and there were no bumping or recall rights, according to the WARN notice, which was signed by Site Director Scott Wilkings.

Positions affected by the layoffs include fabricator, team lead, final assembly, hull assembly, sub-assembler, final prep, pain prep, painter, material handler, litter, quality inspector, decal, welder, and shipping/loader.

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