State House candidate donates remaining campaign funds

A candidate who lost his bid for a seat in the state House has donated his remaining campaign funds to charity.

Leroy McClelland, who was defeated by incumbent Jeremy Munson in the Minnesota House 23B legislative seat, decided to dissolve his campaign treasury and donate the money to local food shelves and homeless shelters.

“There are many people hurting right now, and their needs are much more pressing than the next election,” McClelland said in a statement.

There was about $4,000 left in his election treasury after bills were paid, McClelland said.

Recipients of the remaining campaign funds were Echo Food Shelf, the Salvation Army Food Shelf, Partners for Housing Mankato, Wellcome Manor Family Services in Garden City, Watonwan county Food Shelf in St. James, Madelia Community Food Shelf, Maple River Loaves and Fishes, Waseca County Food Shelf, New Richland Food Shelf, and the Village Food Shelf in Waterville and Elysian.

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