Tour Mankato’s Dark Side with SMN’s 2023 Halloween map

Ah, fall…the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin wafting through the air.

The brilliant colors of the autumn trees as they present their final, glorious show.

The hacked-up bloodied dummies on your neighbor’s front yard.

Yes, Halloween is quickly approaching and an increasing number of southern Minnesotans are proudly showing off their dark side via their yard displays.  Some opt for large inflatable figures that appeal more to children, while others make a more disturbing statement.

In response, Southern Minnesota News is compiling our 2nd Halloween Decor Tour map.  There are just a few spots mapped out so far, but keep checking back, because 2021’s tour received a great response!

Whatever your Halloween decor choices, don’t let your efforts go unnoticed!  SMN is adding addresses to the map by request.  Email us and include your name, phone number, and address, and attach a photo if possible!  You can also call the Superior Granite SMN News Tipline at 388-2900 and leave your info in a message.  The map is NOT limited to Mankato/North Mankato.  Surrounding towns are also encouraged to creep out the people.

If you don’t decorate – get out and enjoy the tour!

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