Voting underway for MnDOT’s plow-naming contest, Don’tcha Snow?

Plowabunga! Voting is now open for the Name a Snowplow contest from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

MnDOT has selected 50 finalists, many of the names Minnesota inspired, because, of course, there’s Snow Place Like Home.

MnDOT staff and leadership focused on selecting names that were frequently submitted, easily identifiable, and understandable to a broad audience.  People all over the world know Darth Blader and Snowbi Wan Kenobi, right?

There’s No Business Like Snow Business, except perhaps, sports.  Athletes were well-represented on the finalist list with baseball favorites like Kent Brrr-bek, Road Carew, and others.

Music legends and authors got a nod, too.  Would the operator of the F. Salt Fitzgerald wear a Rasberry Brrr-et?  The answer isn’t certain, but MnDOT drivers are hopefully encouraged to Live, Laugh, Plow…while, of course, listening to Blizzard of Oz.

A taste of pure Minnesota is also on the list of nominees.  Like Tator Tot Hotdish, a meal fit for the King of the North and his friends, Plow Bunyan and Babe the Orange Plow.

Some words of wisdom: there’s no goose involved when it comes to Duck, Duck, Orange Truck.  Oh, and don’t eat the Purple Snow.

Voting is live now through Feb 26, and as you’re pondering your selection…Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya.



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