Waseca Police outline new policy for impounding stray cats
Cat, Stock photo

Waseca police will no longer impound feral cats, according to a memo posted on social media.

Only cats with collars will be transported and impounded by the Waseca Police Department, starting Wednesday.  Police are hopeful the cats they do impound will have a City of Waseca license, as cats are required to be licensed with the police department.

WPD said the decision was made in conjunction with the Waseca County Sheriff’s Office and with the guidance of the City Council at the Jan 18 meeting.

The Facebook post says an analysis of the data shows the vast majority of cats impounded in 2020 and 2021 by law enforcement were feral and not claimed.

Impounded cats were currently transported to Canine Central in Waseca by law enforcement.  But police say expecting the business to place and find a home for feral cats is unrealistic.

The department says they have a close working relationship with the Waseca County Animal Humane Society, but the organization is not set up to successfully foster feral cats.

“While we do not want any animal to suffer or be neglected, placing feral cats in kennels for months at a time is inhumane,” says the post.  “The costs to house and treat these cats can become astronomical to our taxpayers.”

Police say officers and residents have also been bitten and scratched by unvaccinated animals while handling them.

Law enforcement recommends that cat owners, microchip, license, and place a collar on their cats.  They also strongly encourage residents to stop feeding feral cats.

Residents can contact WCAHS for ideas on how to trap feral cats and get them placed in a barn cat program.


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