Charges: Mankato man held gun to woman’s head in front of toddlers

A Mankato man is accused of holding a gun to a woman’s head in the presence of a pair of toddlers.

Ricardo Cantu Jr, 28, was charged Monday with felony counts of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, threats of violence, and receiving stolen property.

A criminal complaint says Mankato police were dispatched to a home Saturday after a woman reported that Cantu held a gun to his girlfriend’s head while the women were video chatting.

Police say the victim had a large cut under her eye that was slightly bleeding.  The victim told police that she had started the incident by texting Cantu to ask, “Why aren’t you texting me?” She said Cantu eventually punched her, but denied that he had pulled a gun.

The witness told police Cantu punched the victim during their video call.  The woman said the phone fell face up and she could see the victim’s head as Cantu hit her “a few more times.”  The complaint says Cantu then grabbed the victim by her hair and told her to get off the phone.  When the victim refused, Cantu allegedly pulled out a firearm and held it to the victim’s head saying: “…then I’m going to kill you in front of them, bitch.”

The witness told police the victim’s two children, ages two and three, were in the home at the time of the alleged gun threat.  The complaint says both children were screaming and hugging their mother as she told them it would be okay.  The witness described the handgun as having an extended clip.

Police say they discovered a pistol that was stolen out of Wisconsin when they performed a search warrant.  There was no round in the chamber, according to the complaint.  Officers also discovered an extended magazine.

Cantu has also been charged with two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault.



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