Franklin man accused of drunken shotgun threat

A Franklin man is accused of threatening a group of people who were trying to collect a debt from him with a shotgun.

Adam Tovar Sanchez, 28, is accused of pulling a shotgun on a woman who approached him to collect $120 that Sanchez apparently owed her son.

A criminal complaint says Sanchez, who was sitting in a vehicle in front of his home at the time, pointed the gun at the woman’s head and pumped it.

Court documents say the woman returned to Sanchez’s residence with her son and another person to again request payment, but Sanchez again pulled the shotgun out and threatened the group.  Police say the woman’s son provided a video recording of the incident.

Sanchez told police he was sitting in the car listening to music when the woman approached and began yelling at him.  He admitted to brandishing the shotgun to get her to leave, according to the complaint.  Sanchez told investigators he had used the shotgun in self-defense because he was fearful.

Sanchez was allegedly drinking prior to the incident, and his blood-alcohol level was at .22, according to a portable breath test.

Sanchez was arrested and charged with three felony counts of 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

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