A Hanska man is accused of assaulting his girlfriend after she looked at his cell phone.

Matthew Arthur Penkert, 26, was charged with felony domestic assault in Brown County Court.

A criminal complaint says Penkert became upset after the victim looked through his cell phone and was displeased with the content she saw.

The victim told police she tossed the phone back to Penkert, which made him extremely angry.  Penkert allegedly grabbed the woman by the back of her hair and her throat, forcing her face down on the floor.

The complaint says the victim waited until Penkert left for work to report the incident to police, who transported her to the Brown County Jail to take photographs of her injuries.

Madelia Police assisted by arresting Penkert at his place of employment.

Penkert has a previous conviction for stalking – intent to injure from Nov 2019.  He was convicted in Aug 2020 of Threats of Violence.

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