(Mankato, MN) –  A southern Minnesota lawmaker says that he would put the recreational legalization of marijuana to a vote by the people of Minnesota, but he wants it medicinally available to combat veterans sooner than that.

Jack Considine (D) of District 19B told Southern Minnesota News Monday that he will offer a bill to fast-track cannabis use for combat veterans so they can reap the health benefits.

“I think our veterans fall in a different category,” said Considine.    “It’s been shown to be extremely effective with PTSD and pain.”

Minnesota has reduced criminal consequences for marijuana and legalized medical use but hasn’t gone as far as legalizing recreational use.  Just last month, Forbes named Minnesota as one of the states most likely to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2019.  Eleven other states have already legalized recreational usage.

PTSD is currently on a list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use in Minnesota.  Alzheimer’s Disease will qualify for use beginning in July.

“I will be offering a bill, probably in the next month or so, that says regardless of what we do recreational, let’s let our veterans enjoy the health benefits of it,” said Considine.

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