Mankato man accused of abusing girlfriend’s dog

A Mankato man is accused of abusing his girlfriend’s dog after a veterinary clinic worker reported an animal with severe injuries to law enforcement.

Diego Antonio Lozano, 29, was charged in Nicollet County Court Tuesday with two misdemeanor counts of overworking or mistreating an animal.

According to a criminal complaint, investigators spoke with the dog’s owner, who said she believed Lozano – her boyfriend – had abused the dog in her St. Peter home.

The girlfriend told police she believed Lozano had taken her dog, Chloe, in the bathroom to silence the pup from barking. The woman said she had seen blood on the bathroom floor, but didn’t realize the dog’s injuries to its face until the next morning, when the dog also urinated dark brown, according to the complaint.

The vet worker told investigators the dog had suffered a very significant blow to its eye and face, consistent with being kicked or hit.

The dog also potentially had a skull fracture, but the owner was not able to afford the treatment, according to the vet worker.  The blood in the dog’s urine was likely caused by a kick to the rib or abdomen area, according to the veterinarian’s office.

Chole is not believed to have any pre-existing conditions, as the dog was fully examined in Nov 2020, according to the complaint.

Lozano told investigators he tried to pet Chloe after he and his girlfriend had a fight, but the dog bit his hand.  Lozano said he struck the dog in the face in reaction, and she fell down the steps.

Lonzano admitted to striking the dog too hard, according to the complaint.  He denied hitting the dog a second time.

The vet clinic did not believe the dog could have suffered internal bleeding from a fall down the steps, according to the complaint.

Court documents do not indicate Chole’s breed, but say she weighs about 14 pounds.

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