Mankato Toilet Paper Sightings: Facebook group aims to help shoppers find necessary products

(Mankato, MN) – Some people don’t want to buy out the whole store or stock up until the end of time.  They just need a roll of toilet paper.

But white is the new gold.  Toilet tissue is selling out in stores locally and across the country, with cleaning products also getting hit hard. Panic buyers cleared the collective shelves when they bought in bulk, forcing normal consumers to grab what was available when they could.

The consequence of that mentality has left some folks paperless, which led to the creation of groups like Mankato MN Toilet Paper Sightings on Facebook.

Barren paper product shelves in a Mankato grocery store

The sightings group is private, meaning potential members must request to join. Once approved, members are expected to help track the toilet paper and cleaning product supply in Mankato.  “Just heard Fleet Farm has full shelves,” said a member named Ashley.  “Almost gone!!!” replied member Kelly T just an hour later.

Members of the group can also post which products they are hunting, so other members can suggest locations.

The group aims to get as many members as possible to network during the toilet paper shortage.