St. Peter City Council to vote on beekeeping ordinance tonight

The  St. Peter City Council will vote tonight on whether residents can keep honeybees on their property. 

If the ordinance passes, beekeepers would need to apply for a $55 annual permit, which would allow a maximum of two hives per yard. Hives would be required to be placed in the backyard, at least 25 feet from any neighboring structure, and seven feet from any property line.

A six-foot-tall, ten-foot-wide flyaway barrier created with fencing or dense vegetation would also be mandatory.  Signage with “caution” verbiage that includes an image of a honey bee at least six inches by six inches would also be required under the ordinance.

All permit applicants would be required to complete a certification course in beekeeping from the University of Minnesota or another credentialed institution.

Residents opposed to the ordinance believe bees could complicate allergies for sufferers and attract rodents with their honey.

Supporters say bees are fascinating creatures, and only 50 people in the United States die of bee stings each year.


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