(Mankato, MN) – During a media briefing with local law enforcement Wednesday, SMN asked police if there have been any reports of mask ordinance violations in Mankato.

Yes, Virginia, there are Karens in Mankato, but it doesn’t appear to be the widespread campaign that anti-masker groups are reporting on social media.

Associate Director Dan Schisel from Mankato Public Safety said he has been personally responding to calls reporting violations of  Mankato’s face covering ordinance.  “I’ve followed up on several face mask complaints,” says Schisel.  He noted that it’s a combination of calls to 311 reporting businesses or individuals who are not adhering to the ordinance.  But, he says, complaints about businesses and their employees not following the ordinance have been more common.

Schisel said he’s received approximately a dozen calls reporting violations, which he largely followed up with education and/or a warning.  He said he also distributes copies of Mankato’s Frequently Asked Questions Face Covering Ordinance Guide, which advises against taking action if someone is not wearing a mask.

“For the most part, it’s been pleasantly surprising that most people want to be in compliance,” said Schisel.


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