A server is accused of altering tip amounts on credit card receipts at the Waseca restaurant where she worked.

Kate Isabelle Moses, 18, of New Ulm, was charged last week with felony financial transaction card fraud in Waseca County Court.

A criminal complaint says a manager from the Yellow Mushroom in Waseca contacted investigators in February to report that Moses had been altering credit card receipts.  The manager learned about the situation after receiving calls from two customers questioning discrepancies in their charges from the restaurant.  The manager then found 27 total transactions that appeared to have been altered by Moses.

Court documents outline each alleged alteration, which includes adding a $30 or $35 tip to receipts that had no tip, and adding a ‘1’ in front of a ‘$0.01’ tip.

Investigators say Moses added $378.38 in tips fraudulently.  She was compensated from the Yellow Mushroom till.  The complaint says the transactions occurred between January 4 and February 19, 2024.

Police say Moses denied any wrongdoing, but acknowledged she had been terminated because of the accusations.


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