Brown Co Sheriff partners with agency to prevent Catalytic Converter thefts

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with a state agency for a Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program.

The BCSO, along with the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau will give out free CATGUARD unique identifying labels that can be applied to a vehicle’s catalytic converter.

Brown County residents can stop at the law enforcement center to claim their label.  Program participants must know their license plate number and vehicle identification number in order to get a unique code assigned to the CATGUARD labels.

The kits come with detailed instructions on how to affix the labels to the converters.  The sheriff’s office suggests that residents take the label with them for an oil change or service visit with their regular mechanic to have it attached.

The labels will help law enforcement identify victims of catalytic converter theft in the event that stolen converters are discovered during encounters with police.


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