Charges: Assault left victim concussed with broken bones

A Mankato man is accused of an assault on a woman that left her concussed with various injuries, including broken bones.

Jamie Cornillius Hawthorne, 27, was charged with felony counts of 3rd-degree assault, false imprisonment, threats of violence, and domestic assault by strangulation.

According to a criminal complaint, Hawthorne and the victim were in downtown Mankato on November 5 when an intoxicated Hawthorne became angry that the victim had lost cash he had given her earlier in the evening.

The complaint says Hawthorne put the victim in a type of headlock and walked her to their vehicle as he threatened her not to say anything to nearby law enforcement who were handling another incident.

The victim told investigators Hawthorne was yelling when they got inside the vehicle, backhanded her, and then struck her face while driving.  The complaint says he then punched her in the face, giving her a bloody nose.

Hawthorne allegedly stopped the vehicle near Cleveland St for 20 to 30 minutes, during which time he began to assault the victim physically and threatened to kill her and her family.  The complaint says he took an iPhone charger cord and wrapped it around the victim’s neck in an attempt to strangle her.  Court documents say the victim was able to place her fingers between the cord and her neck.

The complaint says Hawthorne punched the victim several more times after she escaped the vehicle, then began to drive away.  When she started to make a phone call, he allegedly drove back to where she was and took her phone.

The complaint says Hawthorne pulled the woman back into the vehicle by her hair as he continued to drive around.  He eventually drove her to the hospital for medical treatment, according to the complaint.

Investigators say the victim suffered multiple injuries, including a cut lip that required stitches, a concussion, multiple bruises and cuts to her face, and a fractured wrist.

Police found blood on the passenger seat of Hawthorne’s vehicle, according to the complaint.

The victim reported the incident to public safety three days after the alleged assault.  Officers noted she had “numerous injuries” including “significant bruising to both eyes, a laceration under her left eye, a laceration to her lip, and a medical cast on her wrist.”


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