Charges: Drunk driver, 18, blew stop sign, kicked & bit officers

A teenager is accused of driving drunk and assaulting two officers.

Allison Diane Doheny, 18, of Belle Plaine, was charged Monday with felony assault of a corrections employee, gross misdemeanor 4th-degree assault of a peace officer, DWI, and underage liquor consumption.

According to a criminal complaint, a Mankato police officer witnessed Doheny drive through a stop sign just before 1 a.m. on January 1. Police say Doheny had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol when she was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Police took Doheny to the jail intake for field sobriety tests because wind chills were well below zero and Doheny was apparently only wearing a t-shirt.  The complaint says Doheny screamed insults at the officer en route to the jail and said she refused to do anything without her mother present.

The complaint says that at intake, Doheny began kicking until her shoes fell off and went limp.  Jail staff eventually administered a portable breathalyzer, which put Doheny’s blood-alcohol content at .29, according to court documents.  The legal limit in Minnesota is .08.

Police transported Doheny to the emergency room for evaluation, where she allegedly continued to be belligerent, yelling insults at anyone who addressed her.  According to the complaint: “Doheny was calling individuals ‘fat ‘c**ts’ and stating she hoped they would die.”

Doheny also kicked an officer in the forehead while at the hospital, says the complaint.

Back at the jail, Doheny bit a custody officer hard enough to break the skin, according to the complaint.


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