Charges: Frankenstein arsonist responsible for up to a dozen burglaries

The man who burned down a beloved Frankenstein statue in Waseca is now the suspect in as many as a dozen burglaries around the area. 

Luke Duane Olson, 35, of Janesville, is charged with felony counts of 1st and 2nd-degree burglary in Waseca County Court.  He was sentenced just last week to community service, probation, and restitution on arson charges before the new accusations surfaced.

Olson is accused of stealing $50,000 in property from one victim, including motorcycles, fishing gear, snowmobile parts, and frozen meat. 

A criminal complaint says Olson tried burglarizing a taxidermy shop but fled when he encountered a family member inside.  Another burglary was reported at the same location the following day, when 14 firearms with a value of $20,000 to $30,000 were reported missing.

The complaint says items from both burglaries were recovered from Olson’s home.

One of the first burglaries reported was on Oct 14, when a man reported his son’s shotgun had been stolen from a vehicle sitting in their yard.  About five days later, the man called police to report other items were missing, including ammunition and ammunition cans.

On Oct 20, police took another report of a burglary on 73rd St, where the owner reported that frozen meat and guns had been stolen.

Olson was eventually identified as the suspect after a report of someone dumping mufflers and catalytic converters at Kwik Trip.  One of the burglary victims confirmed the mufflers where the ones stolen from him.  Surveillance showed the man dumping the items was Olson, according to the complaint.

Police say Olson admitted to the crimes and said he was trying to feed his family.  He’s also charged with multiple felony counts of possession of ammunition and firearms, and theft. 

Investigators believe Olson is responsible for ten to twelve burglaries in the area, based on items they found in his home.

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