Charges: Mapleton man burglarized, damaged church in the nude

A Mapleton man is accused of burglarizing and damaging a church in the nude.

John Milton Baer, 37, was allegedly inside the church when a witness discovered him ringing the bell naked, says a criminal complaint filed in Blue Earth County Court Monday.

Mapleton police and Blue Earth County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the burglary report on July 4, just before 9 a.m.  When they arrived on scene, Baer was struggling with a family member, who had arrived after receiving a call about the situation, according to the complaint.

The relative told police he had found a naked Baer inside the chapel and got him in a vehicle, but a struggle ensued.  Baer allegedly hit the family member in the face during the altercation.

Police say the church door appeared to have been struck twice, and witnesses later said they’d seen Baer throwing rocks at the door.  Glass was broken out of a window, and a gallon of paint had been knocked over and spilled on the carpet and cement floor, says the complaint.

Baer is also accused of breaking into a nearby apartment.  The resident woke up to a loud bang and apparently saw Baer standing in his kitchen.  Damage to the door was estimated to be in excess of $1,000.

Baer is charged with 2nd-degree burglary and 1st-degree damage to property, both felonies.  He’s been summoned to appear in Blue Earth County Court.



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