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Charges: North Mankato woman broke a board over boyfriend’s head

Katherine Meyer, Nicollet County Jail

A North Mankato woman is facing felony charges for allegedly using a board to assault her boyfriend.

Katherine Elizabeth Meyer 35, is charged with felony second-degree assault in Nicollet County Court.

The victim told police he had spent the previous night at a hotel because the couple had been arguing frequently for several weeks, and returned home the following evening to find Meyer drinking with friends.

The complaint says the victim was lying in bed when Meyer started yelling at him for unknown reasons, then threw a potted plant across the room and pushed over a table.

Meyer allegedly punched the victim in the face four or five times and tried to kick him in the leg.  The complaint says Meyer also punched him in the side of the head when he tried to leave the room.

The victim left the house, but Meyer followed him outside, according to the complaint.  She allegedly pulled wooden boards from the garden, and hit her boyfriend on the side of the head so hard the board broke.  She used a second board to hit the victim on his leg just above the knee, says the complaint.

Investigators found the two boards, one with a splintered end, approximately 14 inches long, says the complaint.

Police knocked on the door of the couple’s home after speaking with the victim.  The complaint says police saw Meyer ignore the officer and go upstairs.  The officer eventually entered the home when Meyer refused to answer and found her in bed, apparently pretending to be asleep.

Meyer told police she had been asleep when her boyfriend began freaking out for no reason.  She denied any other altercation.

Meyer is also charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

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