Conagra Brands in Waseca fined for air quality violations

Conagra Brands in Waseca has completed a multi-million dollar improvement project after an investigation found the company had violated air quality regulations. 

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says Conagra released hydrogen sulfide at its fruits and vegetable facility at higher than allowable levels more than 2,500 times between 2020 and 2022. 

Conagra Brands was hit with a $1.25 million penalty and was also required to spend a minimum of $7 million toward a supplemental environmental project.  The company completed the project earlier this year, installing new equipment designed to reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide it releases. It also agreed that it would share technology that could help other regulated businesses.

Hydrogen sulfide, also known as sewer gas, emits a rotten egg smell and can be harmful to human health. 


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