Detour for Highway 93 Henderson project starts April 15

Highway 93 from Henderson to Highway 169 will be closed and traffic detoured starting mid-month as a major construction project gets underway.

Weather permitting, the highway will close Monday, April 15 with traffic detoured to Highways 169 and 19.  Construction will continue through 2026.

The $30.6 million project includes raising Highway 93 approximately eight feet, putting it one foot above historic high-water levels, reconstructing 3.6 miles of Highway 93 from Highway 169 to Elm Street in Henderson, replacing the Rush River bridge, and constructing an additional overflow bridge to allow for Rush River flood relief.

The public is invited to attend public construction meetings that will be held throughout the project, or get updates online following the meetings. Visit the Highway 93 project website for more information.

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